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Section 3



The Father's Altar


To the altar of sacrifice we bring
this perfect lamb to Thee,
Our sins confessed, the knife is poised,
our faith will make us free.
We look beyond the flowing blood
to that hill on Calvary.


To Golgotha's cross on Calvary's hill,
without the gate the cross is seen.
The perfect Lamb of God was lifted,
heaven and earth and He between.
God's Sacrifice so dear and perfect
sears his anguished heart with pain.


Darkness falls, the Lamb expires,
the pain is gone and angels sing.
Exultation reigns in heaven.

joy and gladness and harps ring. The foe defeated, victory won,
salvation sure to men He brings.


Acknowledge we that sacred altar,
on the cross God's Lamb was he,
Thankful we our Lord's decession
in the garden of Gethsemen.
Thankful for this Lamb, our Saviour,
the dispute won eternally


From the grave arose our Saviour,
triumphant Son of Go is He.
Not to touch this risen body
for approval yet to be.
Oh, reunion, precious gathering,
reunion, of the Trinity.

-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: 1989. S.s. lesson inspiration. E.




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Justice and Mercy


There was a meeting that day at the foot of the cross.
Do you remember the shame and the sense of loss?
Death that was merciless, brutal and cruel,
Contrived by the Demon determined to rule?

We remember Christ's life of tenderest care,
The empathy, love and obedience rare,
His devoted prayer life, and each gentle breath
That brought our salvation as surely His death.

Where justice was met at Golgotha that day,
Where a dark curtain fell and God seemed far away,
Where mercy for Jesus was hid on that hill,
Where salvation and mercy extend to us still.

Where God in His mercy endured the pain,
Where justice prevailed to refute Satan's claim,
Where Jesus succumbed in humility there,
Where the drama was ended and few seemed to care.

Shall we turn our eyes to that wonderful day
When Christ shall return and Love shall hold sway?
The war has been won, our estrangement is ended,
Because justice and mercy so marvelously blended.

-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: 1989. Winchester. Easter program. E.




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Marvelous Day


There's a marvelous day approaching that's
stupendous to behold,
When mountains tremble, earthquakes rumble,
devastation I am told
Will abound 'mid cries of anguish from those
about to die,
Our eyes will be cemented to the scene there
in the sky,
Where our Lord in perfect splendor rides the
fiery chariots down,
On the whirlwind of arrival with the angles
all around.
Will I be among the throng expecting His returning,
Or will I be among the stubble that is
gathered there for burning?
Perhaps I'll be a-sleeping in the moldering
dust of the earth,
Where in my quiet solitude I'm waiting
second birth.
My ears with startled joy will hear a trumpet
blast so loud,
And a voice I'll hear a-shouting and calling
from the cloud,
Awaken, My dear child, on this day of grand elation,
For I fulfill My long past promise--come,
join in the jubilation.

-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: December. 1988.




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Climax Of The Ages


Look. What is this appearing in the eastern sky?
It seems a small dark cloud to my enquiring eye-
No, on second look - it looses darkness and is shimmering
With radiance, and flashes fire as it draws nigh.


I see angel wing and glorious angel face -
Not just a few, but thousands upon thousands,
Rank on rank they come with splendor all apace.
Glory and lightening, fire flashing 'mid the sounds.


Sounds of trumpet thunder and Archangel voice a-mingle,
About His fee devours fire tempestuous and bright,
Dazzling, majestic glory with such Almighty Power,
Brighter than the noon-day sun, the spectrum's hue and light.


His canopy a halo of the rainbow of His promise,
Sparkling golden crown with silver sickle in His hand,
The throne He sits upon so glorious and white,
The retinue now pauses, now hovers o'er the land.


Lo, this is He who promised triumphant His return,
The King we've eagerly and long been waiting for,
Glorious and victorious is the drama reached it's climax,
He's come to claim His own, transport to the golden shore.


He's the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,
The Creator, the Redeemer, our advocate and Lord,
Our Saviour, Elder Brother, Majestic Son of God,
Triumphantly crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
     Forever and forever, be it so.

-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: 1987.




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If you were leaving us forever our hearts would be so sad -
So let's concentrate on happiness and joy.
We know the folks you're going to will all be very glad
And we think of all the friends you'll be making over there.

We know that where you're moving is only a few miles,
And we'd like to see you soon and often there,
But in the hustle and the bustle of this life with all it's trials
Our meetings may be few in future years.

So, let's remember we are parted for a little space of time -
We are pilgrims and as such just passing through.
We look forward to that home that Jesus now prepares
And we make request the neighbors in the next house will be you.

A happy day, a joyful time, in robes of glory bright,
We shall sing and laugh and never have a care.
Where many friends and loved ones will never part again.
And best of all, along with you, we will meet our Jesus there.

With skies of blue and air so pure and streets all paved with gold,
With rainbow hue on crystal streams, a-gleem 'round mansions fair,
And time that measures sons with all it's joys untold -
Each brother and each sister here plans to meet you there.

-Eileen Peters


Note: Oct. 1988, for the Cruz family, our minister.




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Open, Lord, Our eyes-
  To Thy Lord and to Thy passion,
  To Thy faithful consecration,
  May we see the innovation
  Of the plan that's called salvation,
    Open wide our eyes.

Open, Lord, our ears -
  To hear Thee softly to us speaking,
  When our hearts are so near breaking,
  When our joyous times are peaking,
  When our lives are in the making
    Open wide our ears.

Open, Lord, our hearts -
  To the Spirit's gentle wooing,
  May our love find a renewing,
  May Thy graciousness be brewing,
  In our words and in our doing,
    Open, Lord, our hearts.

-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: 7-22-1989. Winchester, VA, S.S. lesson inspiration.




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Christ Is All in All


"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end";
This Scripture Jesus gave us so that we might comprehend
That in the darkness of that void, while in the air He spoke the word,
Upon the waters moved the SPirit at the soft command of God.

And a new world was created, Jesus saw that it was fair,
But still it wasn't finished until human folk were there.
He is not just the Creator but still sustains this earth,
And when Evil made entrance Jesus came to show the worth

Of a caring Elder Brother, the Messiah, come to win
Our love to Him and One another, cleanse this world of all it's sin.
He ransomed us from bondage, gave His life there on the cross,
Made atonement for our weakness, to wash our lives from all it's dross.

Now He's entered into heaven to continue service there
As our lives come up in judgment, He pleads our case for He's been here,
And endured all the temptations we meet as each day dawns.
He still suffers with His children, considers we are pawns -

Without His strength and His endurance, so He listens to our pleading
Considers where we live, gives His ear to our entreating,
And when for our sins we prove we're sorry, gives us strength and grace to bear,
Owns that we are His children before God and angels there.

Yes, Lord, You are the Alpha we have known from early men,
We concede You are Omega, will be with us 'ill the end.
'Til the end of this old world and on into eternity,
We long to meet You face to face, proudly claim Your paternity.
You are Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End,
You are Lord, our All in All, King of Kings, world without end.

-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: 1989.




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I Will Garner


One morning just at dawning with my Bible open wide,
I turned the pager over and saw a startling truth inside,
This command that Jesus gave us was meant for you and me -
The command to spread the gospel so everyone can see


That Jesus came and lived on earth and died for all men here,
That we are to sow the seed, sowing boldly, without fear.
So, my brothers, I invite you to come along with us,
We are sowers of the seed, we are gardeners in the dust.


What we plant the Spirit waters and the plants begin to grow,
And when they bear fruition we may not in this life know.
We cannot force the sprout or contrive to make it grow,
Some seed falls on shallow ground and make no roots below.


Some seed falls on ground so poor the tares seem to take over,
And we yearn to grasp them and pull them out forever,
But the startling verse that came to me--and to this we must attend--
Is to let the plants grow sid by side with tares until the end.
Just sow the seed, the Master says, for you are My local gardener,
I'll send the Spirit to convict, then I'll cmoe to garner.


-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: 1989.




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Th Leprosy of Sin


How shall I look up the leoprosy of sin?
  I would see it as God sees it,
    with abhorance.

But this leoprosy surrounds me every day
  in every way - -
  Have I become immune to its repugnance?

Do I micingly continue in my loving
  In my ego and selfish arrogance exalt

Myself above all others whom I then
  Are my words concealed in falsehood
    saying others are at fault?

Is my hate disguised in love upon occassion?
  Is my averice insatiable in my desire
    of gain

Do my spoken words conceal a trace of
  slurring condemnation?
  Do I bring my offerings yet hide the face
    of Cain?

Are my words at all blasphemous and is my
  language then profane?
  Do I descrate God's temple with my manners
    or my dress?

As I chaste in my marriage and do my
  children respect me?
  Am I ugly to my neighbors and yet ask
    God to bless?

This little verse is like a scabby patch of
  And God looks upon these many sins each day.

Lord, help us then to truly see the leprosy
  of sin
  Through eyes of God and in His loathing
;  ;  turn away.


-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: Inspiration from S.S. lesson Jan. 1989.




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That Wonderful Place


There's a wonderful place in the realms of God,
  Its a planet called Heaven, I'm told.
To Orion we fly through a star-spangled sky,
  To a land where the streets are all gold.


There's a sea of pure glass that expands far and wide,
  And a lea that is emerald green,
Where the lush grass grows by the River of Life,
Where the air wafts gently and clean.  


There are mansions of jade and chalcedony,
  Bound by jasper, carbuncle and pearl,
Clear skies so blue, reminiscent of June,
  And a flash of birds off in a whirl.


There's immensity there in the Tree of Life,
  As it arches the rippling stream,
With roots on both sides and luscious with fruit,
  Such a tree prior to this never seen.


Everything ancient though fresh and pristine,
  As old as the earth and eternal,
Where animals roam and we all feel at home,
  Where times and seasons are vernal.


There's a wonderful place in the realms of God,
  Where there are flowers and fragrant bloom.
Where the Spirit doeth dwell and the angels as well,
  And God and the Lamb on the throne.


-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: January 1989.




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This New Year


To spend this year, dear Lord, with Thee,
 To make thy word my goal,
Please bend Thine ear and hear my plea
 To cleanse and make me whole.

Please take in charge my thoughts and aims,
 Put substance in my thinking,
The chain 'tween me and heaven, Lord,
 Forge strong and firm and linking.

O, may my words be kind and true,
 A gentle voice be speaking.
Please set a watch upon my lips,
 I place them in Thy keeping.

And from demeanor kind and mild,
 My soul reach out to all,
May I love my brother as myself,
 Respond daily to the Spirit's call.

To spend this year, dear Lord, with Thee
 Is my aim and my abition.
To read Thy word and gently speak,
 Perfrom Thy will and Thy commission.


-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: Jan. '86. E.




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Sometimes it goes wellish,
Sometimes it goes hellish,
But I'm glad to say,
It went well today,
In fact it was almost swellish!


-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: (That means I didn't spoiil any!). 8-14-93. I'm including a page of my calligraphy but it isn't done as well as Cheri's. [see next item]




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By Eileen



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God's Gifts to Us


The heart of God yearns o'er His earthly children.
with a wealth of love unceasing in its care.
He gave His best, the dearest Gift of heaven.
To change our wayward steps, our sins to bear.

The Gift He gave He poured out in abundance,
He gave us Christ, His one and only Son,
Whose life and death and intercession
Works for us still that our hearts would be won.

He gave the ministry of many loving angels,
He sent the Spirit, tender in its care,
To speak, to whisper soft and pleading,
Gave us His Son, His Spirit, too, and angels fair.

Our Father regins and waits there in His heaven
And over all He guides and gives direction.
Concern unceasing and with undying love,
And teh climax of it all is our redemption.


-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: 2-18-1989. Inspired by the pen of Ellen White - Steps to Christ, Chapter 2.




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Before the Throne


In the beauty of holiness we stand before Thy throne.
On sea of glass that stretches far and wide,
Where wafts the gentle breeze - no scorching sun
Is e'er allowed to sear heaven's countrside.

To dwell with Thee and hunger ne'er again,
And quenchest Thou our thirst forevermore,
As to the living fountains we are drawn
To heavenly water that sparkles clean and pure.

Thou, Lamb of God, will feed Thy faithful ones,
And privileged to serve Thee day by day are we -
To see the richeness of Thy bounty and Thy love,
To be free in Christ and live eternally.


-Eileen Conley Peters


Note: Rev. 7:15-4-7. May 26, 1989.




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